Sound City Players- “You Can’t Fix This”

We finally have a glimpse into what is sure to be one of the greatest rock soundtracks ever. “Sound City- Real to Reel”, from the film, will be out on March 12th. Until then, we must subside on brief clips and live performances, like this superb performance of “You Can’t Fix This”, by Stevie Nicks and the Sound City Players.

Watch till the end of the performance. Stevie mentions to Letterman that she wants everyone to know that it all started with “Buckingham Nicks”, the amazing record she made in 1973 at Sound City with Lindsey Buckingham, prior to them both joining Fleetwood Mac. The album went out of print and was never re-issued, and Ms. Nicks seems to be taking this film as an opportunity to lobby for the re-release of their album. And it is a GREAT record. Somebody just re-issue this thing already!


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