This is for the Catholics…


There’s got to be an easier way to let people know that you’ve run out of finger sandwiches…

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Sound City Players- “You Can’t Fix This”

We finally have a glimpse into what is sure to be one of the greatest rock soundtracks ever. “Sound City- Real to Reel”, from the film, will be out on March 12th. Until then, we must subside on brief clips and live performances, like this superb performance of “You Can’t Fix This”, by Stevie Nicks and the Sound City Players. Continue reading

Dr. Tony Cicoria

As a companion to my last post about Dr.Oliver Sacks and his book “Musicophilia”, here is a full-length television show about Dr. Tony Cicoria, the surgeon who was struck by lighting and later became obsessed with piano music, teaching himself to play in his forties. Continue reading