Happy Birthday, Audio Reckoning!

As Audio Reckoning celebrates its one-year anniversary, I decided to post a list of songs that have repeatedly bounced around in my soul for the last year. Here are twelve, one for each month. Some were released in the last year or so, and others are oldies that I’ve been grooving on obsessively through many listens.

  1. Mind Eraser (The Black Keys)
  2. The Celestials (Smashing Pumpkins)
  3. Ekki Mukk (Sigur Ros)
  4. In From the Storm (Jimi Hendrix)
  5. Freedom at 21 (Jack White)
  6. Hammer Blows (Lee Ranaldo)
  7. Circulation (Thurston Moore)
  8. Ruin  (Cat Power)
  9. Gallow’s Pole (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)
  10. Pissing in a River (Patti Smith)
  11. Time Flies (Joel Plaskett Emergency)
  12. JR Flood (Old World Vulture)

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