The List at the End of the Year


On the advice of a good friend, who asked me to quit complaining about year-end lists and compile one of my own, here are a bunch of albums that I felt were effective and moving works of art this year. Continue reading


Happy Birthday, Audio Reckoning!

As Audio Reckoning celebrates its one-year anniversary, I decided to post a list of songs that have repeatedly bounced around in my soul for the last year. Continue reading

“Trophy Lovers”- Old World Vulture

Old World Vulture are a cyborg of a band. The fusion of electronic elements into a rock band can sometimes create art that is cold and inhuman, losing the best qualities of both humans and machines. Old World Vulture escape this trap by infusing their electronic dreams with human characters, who wordlessly speak their hopes and fears against the backdrop of a wind-swept city that blinks like a circuit board, shaking their artificial fists at a poisoned crimson sky. They are reminding you that the Age of Technology is powered by the same source as all others: the human soul. Continue reading