Happy Valentine’s Day, My Darling Alexa!


Ten years ago today, my beautiful wife Alexa Speagle and I had our first date. In honour of the best thing that ever happened to me, here are ten songs that represent the soundtrack of our love.  Continue reading


The List at the End of the Year


On the advice of a good friend, who asked me to quit complaining about year-end lists and compile one of my own, here are a bunch of albums that I felt were effective and moving works of art this year. Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Audio Reckoning!

As Audio Reckoning celebrates its one-year anniversary, I decided to post a list of songs that have repeatedly bounced around in my soul for the last year. Continue reading

Sigur Ros @ Echo Beach

It is the first of August, 2012. Sigur Ros are playing at Echo Beach. This glorified sandpit on the outskirts of a disused amusement park is an unlikely place to experience transcendent beauty. Continue reading

“Inni” by Sigur Ros

In the DVD commentary for the beautiful film “Heima”, Sigur Ros’ manager John Best speaks about his desire to bring the viewer closer to the band, to allow the audience to see the minute details that make up the grand scale of a Sigur Ros concert. However, “Heima” explored not only their music, but their relationship with Iceland’s intensely gorgeous geography and cultural past.  It was essentially a rock and roll nature film, with landscapes filling most of the frames.

“Inni”, on the other hand, focuses solely on the band and their full electric live show. Continue reading