David Byrne Teaches You About Interior Design

My friend and musical comrade Matt shared this video with me recently, and I feel I owe it to the art world to re-post it here. TED is an not-for-profit organization that supports interdisciplinary dialogues in the worlds of Technology, Entertainment, and Design, as well as a great many other subjects. Continue reading


Internin’: Day Five

My first real day of cold-calling production companies for the licensing department went very well. Continue reading

Internin’: Day Four

Today I got my first crack at the production company list for my cold-calling project. Continue reading

Internin’: Day Three

I spent most of the day assembling CDs, and then something interesting happened… Continue reading

Internin’: Day Two

I spent almost all of Day Two making CDs. This isn’t as tedious as it sounds, as I actually really enjoy looking at cover art, and the wide range of styles and images. Continue reading

Internin’: Day One

My first day of interning for a music company was enlightening and interesting. Here’s what went down: Continue reading

Internin’: Preamble

This past September, I was downsized from my job. In the days that followed, I occasionally struggled with how to fill my time. I’ve played guitar, cleaned my apartment several times, and spent a lot of time with my new cat. It’s been a great to have so much free time, but I’m starting to go a little stir-crazy from being in my apartment all day.Being the saintly woman that she is, my wife came to my rescue when she suggested I apply for an internship with a music industry company here in Toronto, to help keep me busy while I wait for the results of my ongoing job hunt. Continue reading

GEARHEAD: Kingston Guitar Shop

In the world of musical instrument shops, there are generally two categories. Most of the larger stores (i.e. Long and McQuade) carry new stock, meaning guitars and other instruments straight from the factory. Then there are the “boutiques”, which are specialty stores that sell the rare and unusual instruments that you cannot find in the corporate stores. For today’s GEARHEAD, I am featuring my favourite guitar store in the world: the Kingston Guitar Shop. Continue reading


“Gearhead” will be my semi-regular feature on the instruments and technology that have helped shaped music. For my first instalment, I am focusing on the Pine Electronic Products Company, Ltd, and one of their awesome amps. Continue reading