This is for the Catholics…


There’s got to be an easier way to let people know that you’ve run out of finger sandwiches…

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Live from the Desert (Brant Bjork’s Birthday)

Today is Brant Bjork’s 39th birthday. Bjork is a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist with a long resume of projects, both as a band member and a quasi-solo artist. But he is known to most rock fans primarily as the founding drummer of Kyuss, the most influential band ever to come out of Palm Desert California.  Continue reading

Awesome Tune: “Precious And Grace”

I’ve decided to start a new feature for songs that transcend themselves and enter the highest echelon of awesomeness. Awesome Tune will be this obviously-named recurring post, dedicated to greatest of the facemelters. Continue reading

Better to Burn Out: C’Mon @ Chemical Sound

I had the pleasure of attending the recording of a live album by Canadian rock legends C’Mon last night, here in Toronto at a well-known recording studio called Chemical Sound. Continue reading

Listen Without Distraction

This is Kyuss. They don't care if you think they're cool...

When I was a teenager, there was a weird period when the truly great guitar bands of the 90s gave way to the testosterone-drunk imitators. This moment, of course, was when ‘rap-metal’ and ‘nu-metal’ (dumbest genre names ever, by the way) replaced grunge and alternative as the commercially dominant forms of guitar-based music. The whole mainstream rock scene became very macho and infected with the least subtle aspects of the grunge idiom (i.e. angst for its own sake, etc). Continue reading