Interview: Bleak Life 2

Bleak Life 2

Bleak Life 2 will be launching on April 30th, bringing three days of ear-scorching punk and metal to one of Ontario’s best local music scenes. True to the community-based spirit of DIY, the festival will feature local & regional bands, as well as touring acts, and will be taking place at an eclectic mix of venues around the city. Audio Reckoning recently got together with Matt Hargrove, one of the founders of Bleak Life, to talk about the challenges of putting on an indie festival, the inclusiveness of punk culture, and the magic of doing it yourself. Continue reading


Ain’t No Grave: “Enter: The Grave”

Ain't No Grave: "Enter: The Grave"

Ain’t No Grave: “Enter: The Grave”

Ain’t No Grave are a band that gives a fuck. Continue reading

In Defense Of Neil Young


In his interview with the CBC’s Jian Gomeshi, Neil Young starts off by saying that he wishes that he’d done the “Honor The Treaties” tour years ago. He speaks in low, deliberate tones. I know that underneath this typical reserve, he’s seething. The anger and pain is tangible, and miles away from the quirky wit he normally employs in interviews. He’s putting his values as a Canadian up for debate, and I applaud him for it. We need more of this, especially in Canada where our artists tend not to take strong political positions, either due to fear or ignorance. Continue reading

“Americana”, Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Neil Young has reunited the greatest garage band in the world for this latest weird masterpiece. Continue reading

Death to the CBC

The Canadian Broadcasting Company is under attack. Like many Canadians, I have mixed feelings about our semi-venerable state-sponsored national broadcaster. Part of me feels a deep connection to its very Canadian-ness, its humble programming, and its support for homegrown arts. Another part of me despises it as a governmental pawn/whipping boy, that spews bland programming at an unquestioning populace, too afraid of losing favour with whichever moronic politician happens to be in power to actually take a stand on anything or be too ambitious. However, I am surprised at my own intense reaction to the people trying to dismantle it. Continue reading

PAGE TUNER: The Playboy Interviews with John Lennon & Yoko Ono

I’ve spent the last month devouring music books. One of my recent finds was an old, weather-beaten original copy of “The Playboy Interviews with John Lennon & Yoko Ono” (a limited pressing, later republished as All We Are Saying: The Last Major Interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono). I actually had read it years ago, but as I’ve aged, so have my views of John. He’s arguably the most influential musician of all time; another Beatles book I have read described him as “Saint John, Patron Saint of Angry Young Rockers”, which I think accurately summarizes his legacy in popular culture. Continue reading

Ontario Election 2011 Playlist

One of these two gentlemen will be the leader of our province tomorrow. On election night, here are some songs that came to my mind. Enjoy these Ontario Election themed tunes. For the sake of Ontario, may the best man win. Continue reading