GEARHEAD: Gord Mylks of Kingston Guitar Shop

In a previous instalment of GEARHEAD, I wrote about the Kingston Guitar Shop, my favourite guitar store, and expressed admiration for their luthier and owner Gord Mylks. He is a cool guy who loves his job, and has found a way to make music his business. Gord was kind enough to answer a few questions for me via email, and I present that interview to you now. Continue reading


GEARHEAD: Kingston Guitar Shop

In the world of musical instrument shops, there are generally two categories. Most of the larger stores (i.e. Long and McQuade) carry new stock, meaning guitars and other instruments straight from the factory. Then there are the “boutiques”, which are specialty stores that sell the rare and unusual instruments that you cannot find in the corporate stores. For today’s GEARHEAD, I am featuring my favourite guitar store in the world: the Kingston Guitar Shop. Continue reading