Things That I Forgot to Write About (2013 Edition)


During my prolonged writing hiatus of mid-2013, I had a few mind-blowing musical experiences that I didn’t write about at the time. As a wrap up to the past year, I’d like to briefly recap these events, as they were each great in their own unique way. Continue reading


Reckoning About Audio

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I dislike those “here’s why I haven’t been updating my blog” posts. Usually they come off as impotent excuse-making, and I know that nobody is really clamoring for one more opinion on the internet. But in my case, I’ve actually had some good reasons, so on the advice of my wife, I’ve decided to re-launch with a bit of a preamble explaining the downtime.

This blog has been silent the last few months because I’ve been busy with other creative endeavors. In the interest of excusing my absence, and proving that I’m not simply lazy (at least not completely) here’s what I’ve been up to in the last few months: Continue reading

Internin’: Day Eight

I finished the internal list of production companies today. I managed to get 75 confirmed Samplers sent out. Turns out the company didn’t even have enough Samplers to send to all of my leads! Continue reading

Internin’: Day Seven

Another day of Internin’. The office that I have been using for my cold-calling project, which is the only quiet office in the building, was occupied by the company accountant who only comes in on Tuesdays. Continue reading

Internin’: Day Six

Another day of assembling CDs- I’m getting pretty good at this, and I’m able to work quickly. One of the CD orders I put together was for one of my favourite Canadian artists- Nash The Slash!

Continue reading

Internin’: Day Four

Today I got my first crack at the production company list for my cold-calling project. Continue reading

Internin’: Day Three

I spent most of the day assembling CDs, and then something interesting happened… Continue reading

Internin’: Day Two

I spent almost all of Day Two making CDs. This isn’t as tedious as it sounds, as I actually really enjoy looking at cover art, and the wide range of styles and images. Continue reading

Internin’: Day One

My first day of interning for a music company was enlightening and interesting. Here’s what went down: Continue reading

Internin’: Preamble

This past September, I was downsized from my job. In the days that followed, I occasionally struggled with how to fill my time. I’ve played guitar, cleaned my apartment several times, and spent a lot of time with my new cat. It’s been a great to have so much free time, but I’m starting to go a little stir-crazy from being in my apartment all day.Being the saintly woman that she is, my wife came to my rescue when she suggested I apply for an internship with a music industry company here in Toronto, to help keep me busy while I wait for the results of my ongoing job hunt. Continue reading