Internin’: Day Eight

I finished the internal list of production companies today. I managed to get 75 confirmed Samplers sent out. Turns out the company didn’t even have enough Samplers to send to all of my leads! Continue reading

Internin’: Day Seven

Another day of Internin’. The office that I have been using for my cold-calling project, which is the only quiet office in the building, was occupied by the company accountant who only comes in on Tuesdays. Continue reading

Internin’: Day Six

Another day of assembling CDs- I’m getting pretty good at this, and I’m able to work quickly. One of the CD orders I put together was for one of my favourite Canadian artists- Nash The Slash!

Continue reading

Internin’: Day Five

My first real day of cold-calling production companies for the licensing department went very well. Continue reading

Internin’: Day Four

Today I got my first crack at the production company list for my cold-calling project. Continue reading

Internin’: Day Three

I spent most of the day assembling CDs, and then something interesting happened… Continue reading

Internin’: Day Two

I spent almost all of Day Two making CDs. This isn’t as tedious as it sounds, as I actually really enjoy looking at cover art, and the wide range of styles and images. Continue reading

Internin’: Day One

My first day of interning for a music company was enlightening and interesting. Here’s what went down: Continue reading

Internin’: Preamble

This past September, I was downsized from my job. In the days that followed, I occasionally struggled with how to fill my time. I’ve played guitar, cleaned my apartment several times, and spent a lot of time with my new cat. It’s been a great to have so much free time, but I’m starting to go a little stir-crazy from being in my apartment all day.Being the saintly woman that she is, my wife came to my rescue when she suggested I apply for an internship with a music industry company here in Toronto, to help keep me busy while I wait for the results of my ongoing job hunt. Continue reading