Interview: Dave Marsh

dave marsh 1

Dave Marsh is a man of many colours. Besides his main gig as the drummer for the Joel Plaskett Emergency, he’s also a member of cult-status rockers The Super Friendz. He’s a guitarist and singer/songwriter: he makes his own records with his own band, known as Dave Marsh and The True Love Rules. Besides being a gentlemanly percussionist with a distinct stylistic flair, he’s also an entertaining raconteur. He speaks easily and seems to enjoy the art of conversation. You can imagine him socializing easily in any setting. He could swing with Gene Krupa or drink with Sinatra. He could cover himself in glitter and hang with Bowie at Ian Hunter’s place. He could chew some straw and help Roy Rogers saddle his horse. He could chill on the dock at your cottage, with a cold drink and some hot licks. Continue reading


Awesome Tune: “Coast To Coast”

As a songwriter, the late Elliott Smith specialized in a certain blend of wistful melancholy and seething rage. This undercurrent of menace in songs like “Needle in the Hay” or “Roman Candle” was an emotional device he frequently employed, and no-one was better at this kind of sad/angry songwriting than Elliott.

Today’s Awesome Tune is, in my opinion, one of the greatest examples of this heady psychic brew. Continue reading