“Christmas Blues” by Canned Heat

If you’re getting sick of hearing endless versions of “Last Christmas” and that Bieber/Carey abomination, then Canned Heat have got you covered. Continue reading

“El Camino” The Black Keys

There was a time, not so long ago, when bands would put out one record every calendar year, regardless of the commercial success of the previous album. Now, when a band has established itself in the mainstream and makes a hit album, they usually tour the hell out of it for a couple years before they even think about recording the next album. Continue reading


Awesome Tune: “Precious And Grace”

I’ve decided to start a new feature for songs that transcend themselves and enter the highest echelon of awesomeness. Awesome Tune will be this obviously-named recurring post, dedicated to greatest of the facemelters. Continue reading

Janis Joplin (Jan. 19, 1943 – Oct. 4, 1970)


Janis Joplin was a wailing banshee of a blues singer from Port Arthur, Texas. She died of an overdose 41 years ago today in a motel in Los Angeles. Continue reading

Charlie Patton’s Journey: From 78 to Mp3

For me, one of the reasons that the Delta blues is entrancing as a musical genre is that it has resisted so many technological changes since its inception, and in that sense it is the opposite of contemporary computer-based music.  For my first post I wanted to focus on on the most important figure of the early blues: a semi-crippled farm worker named Charlie Patton. Continue reading