Awesome Tune: “Year Of The Dragon” by The Entrance Band

"Face The Sun" (LP) by The Entrance Band

“Face The Sun” (LP) by The Entrance Band

Last night I dreamed I was just like you. Continue reading


Awesome Tune: “Heavy Love” by Neil Young

"Eldorado" by Neil Young, only released in Japan and Australia.

“Eldorado” by Neil Young, only released in Japan and Australia.

In 1989, Neil Young released “Eldorado”, a weird five-song EP that was only released overseas. Continue reading

Awesome Tune: “Cut Me Some Slack”

nirvana-mccartney-SNLIn the year 2012, rock and roll is in danger of being perceived to be obsolete. The most influential musical genre of the past hundred years has lately taken a backseat to other musical forms. The essence of rock has been boiled down into a sad, wimpy collection of cliches and shopworn ideas. It has been gutted and commercialized, monetized, and finally relegated to the nostalgia void of our collective unconscious. This is why we need rock’s greatest heroes to band together, Justice League-style, to defend and stand up for the power of rock. Continue reading

Awesome Tune: “Continuous Thunder” by Japandroids

Japandroids write punk rock love songs. Continue reading

Awesome Tune: “Love or Confusion” by The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Jimi Hendrix was, as Patti Smith once said, a “guitar poet”. Continue reading

Awesome Tune: “Coast To Coast”

As a songwriter, the late Elliott Smith specialized in a certain blend of wistful melancholy and seething rage. This undercurrent of menace in songs like “Needle in the Hay” or “Roman Candle” was an emotional device he frequently employed, and no-one was better at this kind of sad/angry songwriting than Elliott.

Today’s Awesome Tune is, in my opinion, one of the greatest examples of this heady psychic brew. Continue reading

Awesome Tune: “Jack Orion”

Today’s Awesome Tune is the amazingly dark title song from Bert Jansch’s 1966 masterpiece “Jack Orion”. Continue reading

Awesome Tune: “Precious And Grace”

I’ve decided to start a new feature for songs that transcend themselves and enter the highest echelon of awesomeness. Awesome Tune will be this obviously-named recurring post, dedicated to greatest of the facemelters. Continue reading