68 Songs for Neil Young’s 68th Birthday

Neil Young

To me, Neil Young is the greatest musician who will ever live. He chases down ghosts and makes them sing. He wrenches beauty from brutality. He connects delicate fragments like a wise old spider. He’s a touchstone of authenticity in this false, confusing world. He’s the prairie wind, blowin’ through our heads. He’s just the coolest, most fearless artist of our time.

He’s given us so much over the years that it is difficult to appreciate the scope of his musical output. To prove that point, here’s 68 songs from his staggeringly varied and enormous catalogue, in celebration of his 68th birthday. Continue reading


Awesome Tune: “Cut Me Some Slack”

nirvana-mccartney-SNLIn the year 2012, rock and roll is in danger of being perceived to be obsolete. The most influential musical genre of the past hundred years has lately taken a backseat to other musical forms. The essence of rock has been boiled down into a sad, wimpy collection of cliches and shopworn ideas. It has been gutted and commercialized, monetized, and finally relegated to the nostalgia void of our collective unconscious. This is why we need rock’s greatest heroes to band together, Justice League-style, to defend and stand up for the power of rock. Continue reading

Shannon & Elliott

Shannon Hoon left this world on today’s date, as did Elliott Smith. Continue reading