RIP Earl Scruggs


Earl Scruggs was a innovative instrumentalist who helped to define American music in the 20th century, and as a result influenced every banjo player who came afterwards. Continue reading


Nicky Hopkins

Nicky Hopkins was a renowned keyboardist in the 1960s and 70s, who played regularly with The Rolling Stones, and contributed the distinctive electric piano on The Beatles “Revolution”. Continue reading

Rock Moustaches: “The Harrison”

One of George Harrison’s personal beliefs was that the material world is impermanent. Continue reading

Album Cover Of The Week: “Brahms Piano Quintet, Opus 34”, The Brunswick String Quartet

For this edition of Album Cover Of The Week, I am once again featuring a classical record, this time by a famous Canadian string quartet that existed for nearly twenty years. The Brunswick String Quartet was formed in 1970 at the University of New Brunswick, and they performed and toured regularly, often for the CBC, until their end in 1989. Continue reading

Bat, Out Of Jim

Jim Steinman is the metaphorical Wizard of Oz behind the rotund, fleshy curtain that is Meat Loaf. Continue reading

Album Cover Of The Week: ‘Rock n Roll Animal’ Lou Reed

Recently two themes have been emerging in the content here on Audio Reckoning: the impending holiday in honour of the forces of darkness, and The Velvet Underground. Audio Reckoning’s Album Cover Of The Week will continue this thematic trend with an album that fits both ideas: Continue reading