Awesome Tune: “Love or Confusion” by The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Jimi Hendrix was, as Patti Smith once said, a “guitar poet”. Continue reading

Eddie Kirkland, Gypsy of the Blues

Eddie Kirkland was a blues singer and guitarist who was born on August 16th, 1923, in Jamaica. His young mother relocated him to Alabama, where he was raised until he ran away and joined a medicine show when he was twelve. Continue reading


David Crosby Is An Old Man

Today is the seventy-first birthday of David Van Cortlandt Crosby. Continue reading

Leonard and Adrienne Talk About Art

Leonard Cohen was recently awarded the 9th Glenn Gould Prize, the “Nobel Prize of the Arts”. Continue reading

Nicky Hopkins

Nicky Hopkins was a renowned keyboardist in the 1960s and 70s, who played regularly with The Rolling Stones, and contributed the distinctive electric piano on The Beatles “Revolution”. Continue reading

Here Comes The Solo

If you are a drooling Beatles fan like me, you probably assume that you’ve heard every single scrap of music they ever recorded. Continue reading

Peach Cobbler

Before he was the weirdest Quality Assurance rep in the world on “The Office”, Creed Bratton was a member of a 1960’s rock band called The Grass Roots. Continue reading

“Christmas Blues” by Canned Heat

If you’re getting sick of hearing endless versions of “Last Christmas” and that Bieber/Carey abomination, then Canned Heat have got you covered. Continue reading

Rock Moustaches: “The Harrison”

One of George Harrison’s personal beliefs was that the material world is impermanent. Continue reading

Birthday Blues for Bert

Bert Jansch was one the greatest acoustic guitarists who ever lived. He revived folk music in the 1960s and inspired other musicians to mine traditional sources for material. His fingerpicking technique borrowed from jazz, folk, classical, flamenco, and virtually every other traditional guitar style. He also helped to preserve and advance English folk music at a time when rock and roll was taking over the popular culture, and in the process he infused these stylistic techniques into modern rock via his massive influence on contemporary guitarists such as Jimmy Page and Neil Young. Continue reading