The Method: (s/t)

The Method

On their self-titled record, Kingston, Ontario’s The Method create the sort of no-nonsense alt-rock that used to populate radio all over the world back to from the beyond. This is music that is hard-driving and yet conversely it harbors a sort of sweet nostalgia, taking us back to a simpler time when big riffs and big choruses ruled the world. Driven by frenetic punk-style drumming, shape-shifting guitars, and dramatic vocals, the band whip through ten tightly composed modern rock tracks, leaving just enough mystery to keep you coming back for more. Standout tracks include “The Truth”, which features a stratospheric chorus and a wicked wah-wah guitar solo, and the atmospheric rock ballad “What I See” (a song that could easily have been a huge radio hit in 1996), and “Insecurity”, a mammoth song which switches from skittering verses to giant slabs of guitar. Amid the classic loud-quiet-loud formula, these boys have found their own individual take on the sound of a generation’s youth.

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