68 Songs for Neil Young’s 68th Birthday

Neil Young

To me, Neil Young is the greatest musician who will ever live. He chases down ghosts and makes them sing. He wrenches beauty from brutality. He connects delicate fragments like a wise old spider. He’s a touchstone of authenticity in this false, confusing world. He’s the prairie wind, blowin’ through our heads. He’s just the coolest, most fearless artist of our time.

He’s given us so much over the years that it is difficult to appreciate the scope of his musical output. To prove that point, here’s 68 songs from his staggeringly varied and enormous catalogue, in celebration of his 68th birthday. I’ve included at least one song from every one of his studio albums, including the lesser-known records like “American Stars & Bars” and “Landing On Water”, more or less in chronological order. I do this just to prove that with Neil’s work, you can even find brilliant songs in the cracks of his less critically acclaimed albums.

If the recent passing of another legendary songwriter has taught us anything, it’s that we need to appreciate our iconoclastic artists while they are still on this earth. Please take some time to enjoy the immense body of work given to us by this great man.

Happy Birthday Uncle Neil! Long may you run.

I’ve Been Waiting for You

The Loner

Running Dry (Requiem for the Rockets)

Don’t Let It Bring You Down




Time Fades Away

Last Dance

On the Beach

Revolution Blues

For The Turnstiles

World On A String


Don’t Cry No Tears

Drive Back

Will To Love


Look Out for My Love

Ride My Llama

When You Dance I Can Really Love

Union Man

Southern Pacific

Sample and Hold


Get Back To The Country

Weight Of The World

Mideast Vacation

This Note’s For You

Heavy Love

Crime In The City (Sixty to Zero Part 1)

Fuckin’ Up


One Of These Days

From Hank To Hendrix



Safeway Cart

Song X

I’m The Ocean

Fallen Angel

“Dead Man” Theme

Big Time

Music Arcade

Mr. Soul

Danger Bird

Buffalo Springfield Again

Razor Love

When I Hold You in My Arms

Devil’s Sidewalk

Sun Green

Prairie Wind

He Was The King

The Restless Consumer

Shock and Awe

Lookin’ For A Leader

Ordinary People

Dirty Old Man

Get Behind The Wheel

Light A Candle

Walk With Me

Angry World



Wayfarin’ Stranger

Driftin’ Back

Walk Like A Giant

And finally: Neil & Pearl Jam doing “Rockin’ In The Free World” in Toronto a couple of years back.


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