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I dislike those “here’s why I haven’t been updating my blog” posts. Usually they come off as impotent excuse-making, and I know that nobody is really clamoring for one more opinion on the internet. But in my case, I’ve actually had some good reasons, so on the advice of my wife, I’ve decided to re-launch with a bit of a preamble explaining the downtime.

This blog has been silent the last few months because I’ve been busy with other creative endeavors. In the interest of excusing my absence, and proving that I’m not simply lazy (at least not completely) here’s what I’ve been up to in the last few months:

  • I’ve completed and released another album with my band The Stormalongs (available HERE). This was our most complex recording and took a long time to complete. I think it’s the best thing we’ve ever done.
  • We went on a short summer tour of Ontario, and played more shows during the month of July than we’ve ever played in one month. In fact, the period from June-August was the busiest time in my whole life as a musician, where we played shows almost every week. It was hectic and joyful. Hopefully we’ll do it again sometime soon.
  • We had a very ambitious final concert with our former bassist Matthew Thompson. Matt is a very close friend who had to move away from Toronto for life reasons. To send him off, we had a three-hour show at The Cameron House where we invited some of favourite musicians to play on-stage with us. We called it “The Last Schmaltz”, because we’re music nerds. It was amazing, but it took about a month of practising with all the guest stars. It was easily one of the best shows we’ve ever played.
  • Due to the above-mentioned exit of our bassist, The Stormalongs have been searching for a new bassist. We’ve jammed with some new people, but it really is like starting over in a sense. This has been a scary and exciting period of change in our band, and we’re working through it.
  • As a result of all of these changes, I’ve started to make some tentative steps towards seeing if I still have any chops as a solo performer (aka “singer-songwriter”). I’ve always done the solo/acoustic thing, but this is the first time in about seven years that I’ve actually tried to think of myself as a musician in that way. So I’ve been working on some solo tunes, playing little shows here and there, and generally trying to figure out if anyone wants to hear me that way.
  • Final point: after a year and a half of consistent writing a couple of times a week, I was just sort of burnt out. My great uncle, a farmer, once told me that you need to rest the soil every once in a while, or eventually your crops won’t grow. So I just needed a break.

So that’s where I’ve been. I’m dusting this blog off though, and will be re-launching tomorrow with a feature interview with Lee Piazza, the lead singer of The Benefit of the Free Man. Lee and I logged our chat months ago, and I have to thank him for his patience while I was falling off the face of the internet. The plan is to have weekly posts, every Tuesday from now on. Topics will be my usual random mix of musical ephemera, but from now on you can expect more consistency.

Thank you, and keep on reckoning!


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