Album Cover of the Week: “Peace in the Valley” by The Snider Family


Today’s Album Cover of the Week is a throwback to a bygone era of small-town Ontario. I found this record in a garage in Westport Ontario, the town pictured in the background. My father-in-law grew up in Westport, and he remembers the Snider family (Westport is one of Ontario’s smallest municipalities, so everyone knows everyone). This is a homegrown gospel record. The Sniders were active members of their local church, and apparently popular enough to warrant cutting their own album. Judging from the hairstyles and clothing, it seems like this album was made in the early 60s. I love this record for capturing the spirit of life in Westport many years ago. The photo was taken from Foley Mountain, a local landmark that overlooks the town. If you ever visit, you can see how the town has changed with the passage of time. It’s a true piece of Canadian history.


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