The JPE on Strombo

Joel Plaskett just released a new album with his band The Joel Plaskett Emergency (known by their fans as the JPE). Entitled “Scrappy Happiness”, the album is a beautifully ragged and compelling document of one of Canada’s greatest songwriters. I’ll review the full album soon, but in the meantime I wanted to post this awesome video from Strombo‘s show of Joel and the boys rocking out “You’re Mine” from the new album. This video shows the band totally keyed-up and ready to explode on their upcoming tour. It’s literally a breathless performance: watch George try to interview Joel afterwards, and notice Joel trying to stall for time to breathe. Also, some surprisingly cool camera work brings out some of the finer details of the performance, including Dave Marsh doing double-duty on drums and harmony vocals, and Plaskett’s tiny four-string tenor electric guitar.


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