Babes, Blood, and The Bayou

Ryan Warner is a raving lunatic of the greatest kind. He is a wailing folky bluesman from the cold, dark streets of Toronto. He’s an engaging performer, and he writes songs like the last 40 years of music never happened. Ryan Warner is everything that is missing from modern music, and he is truly great. He puts everything into his art. He’s a badass.

He recently put out this video for his wickedly stomping tune “Sweet Marie”. It’s a phantasmagoria of blood, babes, barns, boxing, and the bayou, set to a hallucinatory tale about an evil woman. I’ve witnessed him perform this song live, and as the video depicts, he often does stomp his way clean through the stage, revealing something horrible and disturbing. His fearlessness is now yours to enjoy.

Check this out:


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