Crazy Horse Rises From The Dead

Neil Young, my personal hero and currently reigning King of The Rebel Badasses, has once again done something that I thought was impossible. Last week, Neil announced in his typically cryptic way that he was reuniting his greatest band, the inimitable Crazy Horse, and that there might be not one but TWO new albums on the way from this amazing group of rock savages. The Rusties are holding their breath in anticipation, and I was no exception. Could we be witnessing the late-career reappearance of “fried Neil’?

Well, my friends, wait no further. We have new(ish) music from Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Lord Young has posted a video on, entitled “Horse Back” (ha haw), which is a 40 minute jam session with what certainly sounds like all of the members of the Horse. The video gives us a hig-def, close-up tour of the studio, with illuminating tidbits like lyric sheets, Neil’s guitar rig, and most importantly the mixing board with the names of Frank, Billy, Poncho and Neil assigned to different channels. There’s also a track marked as “Briggs”- perhaps a nod to Neil’s legendary producer David Briggs? Who knows, but with Neil the speculation and mystery is part of the fun.

The music is definitely in the classic Crazy Horse mode- jammy, distorted guitar rock. There’s little hints of classic songs, but mostly it just sounds like a bunch of guys getting together to blow the dust off of things, musically speaking. It’s definitely not Crazy Horse in their full-flight maniacally distorted glory, either, but it’s close enough to start the Rusties drooling.┬áThis is electric guitar pornography.

Click here to check this out, and witness the return of the dumbest, sloppiest, craziest, crunchiest, crustiest, most fucked-up, and most amazing rock and roll band in the world.

Neil did warn us, I suppose: Rust Never Sleeps.



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