Rock Moustaches, Jazz Edition: “The Breau”

For the final honouree in Audio Reckoning’s salute to Movember, we turn to the world of jazz, and to one of Canada’s most legendary musical figures: Lenny Breau.

He was a child prodigy who starting playing guitar at age 8, led his own band at age 12, and he went on to play lead guitar for his family’s professional band at age 14. In his adult life he went on to revolutionize how the guitar was used in jazz. His music is amazing, and shows you the very limits of what is possible with a guitar.

But he also sported a wicked, roguish moustache for much of his life, and it is for this reason his is my final honouree for Rock Moustaches, “Jazz Edition”. Lenny has always seemed be a somewhat enigmatic figure for me, and he died under strange circumstances. His ‘stache only deepened his mystique. To me, he looks like some kind of swashbuckling guitar wizard, or a Beatnik conquistador. And so, we salute “The Breau”, in all it’s mysterious beauty.


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