David Byrne Teaches You About Interior Design

My friend and musical comrade Matt shared this video with me recently, and I feel I owe it to the art world to re-post it here. TED is an not-for-profit organization that supports interdisciplinary dialogues in the worlds of Technology, Entertainment, and Design, as well as a great many other subjects. Essentially, their mission is to support “Ideas Worth Spreading”. This is a very cool mini-lecture by one of rock’s preeminent intellectuals, David Byrne, from a TED conference in 2010. In it, he attempts to demonstrate how physical performance spaces have helped to shape the development of music itself, and what this process reveals about the nature of creativity and evolution. It’s very interesting, and watching it makes me wish that David Byrne taught at the high school level. I think young musicians could benefit from thinking about their art in this more abstract way.


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