Internin’: Day Eight

I finished the internal list of production companies today. I managed to get 75 confirmed Samplers sent out. Turns out the company didn’t even have enough Samplers to send to all of my leads! Also, I’ve obtained a film industry list of production companies from a friend who works in the industry, none of which were on their original list. So I’m going to call those tomorrow and see if I can bring them even more leads. I’m really glad that I was able to find a project for this internship that involved something a bit more advanced than the regular intern grunt work.

Most of the companies that I have spoken to are quite happy to receive the Sampler, and they appreciate the fact that we are helping independent artists. There are a lot of independent TV/Film producers in Canada, and these are exactly the type of people we need to network with, as they understand the value of supporting independent musicians. Also, independent music licenses are “budget-friendly” (cheap), which is another selling feature.


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