Internin’: Day Six

Another day of assembling CDs- I’m getting pretty good at this, and I’m able to work quickly. One of the CD orders I put together was for one of my favourite Canadian artists- Nash The Slash!

After that, I put together the sample packages for the production companies that I called last week and mailed them. The Sampler itself is just a CD with a variety of tracks of different from the licensing library. It’s intended to give film and television people an idea of the kind of music we have available for purchase. My big victory from this day was getting MTV to allow us to send them a package. Obviously, getting the Sampler into the hands of someone at MTV could mean huge revenue opportunities.The Samplers are mailed. Let’s hope they do their job- selling the licensing library.

A word about the music licensing side of the business: it is the future of this company. CD manufacturing is, at best, a dying aspect of the music industry. This is particularly true of this company, since they primarily service independent artists (which is the shallowest of all possible revenue streams). Bands will simply stop making CDs when people stop buying them, maybe soon. The licensing department, on the other hand, has a huge future. because there will always be a need for music in film and television. Licensing also involves obtaining the legal clearance to use songs, which is another aspect of the business that will continue to be needed for the foreseeable future. So it’s good that they are focusing on the area of their business that has the most potential for growth.


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