Internin’: Day Two

I spent almost all of Day Two making CDs. This isn’t as tedious as it sounds, as I actually really enjoy looking at cover art, and the wide range of styles and images. Also, it’s cool to know that I am helping independent artists put their music out in a very physical way, getting my hands all over their work quite literally. I actually got to assemble discs for one of my favourite Canadian artists: Nash the Slash! The production supervisor gave me an extra print-out of Nash’s disc, which I’m going to keep and frame as a souvenir.

The head of the internship met with me to review my scores from the listening test from Day One; turns out I got a much higher score than I thought. I only got one answer wrong, which is apparently very good. I was very proud of myself, but to be honest I was kind of shocked that I did so well. I found the exercise challenging, but evidently I did absorb what they were teaching me. Being able to pick the “pro” sounding tracks with a high degree of accuracy is the key element of sorting their music library. My next step is to be trained on the sorting and categorization of this library.


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