Ivory Joe Hunter

Talented, stylish, and gifted with a strong, smooth voice, Ivory Joe Hunter was the self-proclaimed Baron of the Boogie in the 1940s and 50s. He was a gifted pianist, singer, and songwriter, who worked his way up from hosting a radio program, eventually starting his own record company to press his first single. Several of his songs became hits for Pat Boone and Elvis Presley. Although his biggest hits were slower ballads like “Since I Met You, Baby”, he could also rock with the best of them. He didn’t call himself The Baron of the Boogie for nothing.

Interesting/weird side note: “Ivory Joe Hunter” was his actual, legal birth name, not a stage name or a reference to his piano skills. Bizarre!

Check out these two rocking tracks by Ivory Joe Hunter. First up is a great, funny boogie called “Shooty Booty”:

And here is another great swinging tune called “Rockin’ Chair Boogie”:

Ivory Joe Hunter eventually reinvented himself as a country singer in the late 1960s, after “Since I Met You, Baby” became a hit on the country charts for Sonny James. He died on November 8th, 1974.


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  1. Nice find, he’s like an old-school independent artist, thanks for keeping us entertained and informed. Keep it coming Mr.A Reckoning.

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