Rock Moustaches: “The Cummings”

Although I have never taken part in Movember, I have enormous respect for men who choose to wear the moustache. Whether you are a casual fundraising moustache-grower, or a serious year-rounder, a moustache is a bold statement of masculine power that cannot be denied. To help celebrate this notable facial hairstyle, Audio Reckoning will be presenting a collection of famous rock and roll moustaches.

To start, I am featuring one of Canada’s strongest ambassadors for the hairy upper lip: Mr. Burton Cummings, lead singer of the Guess Who and sweaty piano crooner.

Burton Cummings has rocked his glorious, full ‘stache consistently for over 40 years, and for this he deserves the respect of every other lip farmer. Mr. Cummings facial hair clearly could not be achieved without determination and unwavering self-belief, two qualities that I think the moustache embodies for men.

I will be posting photos of other famous hairy dudes throughout November…


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