C’Mon @ The Dominion Tavern in Ottawa (video)

Ray Dickman, a fellow C’Mon fan, recently posted this video of their final show at Ottawa’s Dominion Tavern (a properly crusty rock venue if ever there was one). He and I were corresponding on Facebook, and he mentioned that he had actually joined the band onstage for ‘Too Bad for the Tin Man’.

So here’s the video, complete with Ian Blurton heckling the dude as he sets up his guitar. Bassist Katie Lynn Campbell leaps to his defence, countering that Ian himself has trouble plugging in from time to time. Also, at the end they all start jamming and Ian plays the riff from ‘Third Stone from The Sun’ a bunch of times. Awesome.

C’Mon is now finished, but the RAWK will be around forever.

Thanks to Ray Dickman for the vid.


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