Album Cover Of The Week: Genesis Live

Some records are just creepy...

Before Genesis were a boring pop band fronted by Phil Collins, they were a weird, arty progressive rock band fronted by Peter Gabriel. For this instalment of Album Cover Of The Week, I am featuring the 1923 album ‘Genesis Live’.

'Genesis Live' by Genesis- they believe all rock concerts should look like Satanic rituals...

Gabriel was into using costumes to help illustrate the themes of Genesis’s elaborate songs, and apparently this live photograph of the band features him in character as ‘Magog’- whoever he was. The music on this album is also excellent: long, intricate rock songs with obscure themes and theatrical qualities.

I love this cover because it’s so creepy and ethereal, which is appropriate as Halloween approaches. Peter Gabriel’s bizarre costume looms over the stage as the musicians bow their heads over their instruments, like monks summoning a demon at an ancient ritual. An eerie blue light bathes the proceedings, giving it the look of a haunted moonscape.  The title of the album is written in a wicked psychedelic font, like many albums of the time.

The vintage mystical imagery continues onto the actual record. The sticker declares the record to be a product of ‘The Famous Charisma Label’ with a logo that looks like an old-timey scroll.

I’ll try to find some more strange or unsettling album covers for the remaining Album Covers of The Week in October.


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