Which One’s Pink?

Sir Bob Geldof as Pink

Today is the 60th birthday of Sir Bob Geldof. He started his career as the leader of The Boomtown Rats, an Irish punk rock band from the late 1970s/early 1980s. He is of course better known as the founder of Live Aid, a concert which ushered in the era of the modern mega-festival with celebrities extolling dubious social messages. But for me, Geldof will alway be Pink, the lead character in Pink Floyd’s demented film version of their blockbuster album ‘The Wall’. Geldof acts like a madman in this role (*pun alert*). He screams, cuts himself, shaves his eyebrows off, does a bunch of drugs, trashes hotel rooms, attacks his women, makes tyrannical speeches, and eventually finds redemption after succumbing to his own self-inflicted madness. It’s an amazing film, if you can get through the whole thing without having a nervous breakdown.

My earliest childhood memory is of watching this film (a story for another post), and so Sir Bob will always be a part of my experience. So, I say in his honour (and also for my friend Adam Morello who shares this birthday), TEAR DOWN THE WALL!


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